Can you collect plastic from our site?

Yes, Rainbow Plastic can arrange a one off collection from your site or leave you with a bin or frame if you have regular amounts of HDPE and PVC waste to collect.

Will Rainbow Plastic accept deliveries of HDPE scrap?

 Rainbow Plastic will accept deliveries of HDPE scrap. Material will be accepted if it is free of other materials, tape, dirt and sand. Loads will only be accepted if a member of the team has inspected the load and confirmed the load is to an acceptable standard. It is a good idea to email or text a photo of the load prior to bringing it to us. We reserve the right to only unload materials that is acceptable to us.

Will Rainbow Plastic pay for waste HDPE plastic?

This really depends on the condition of the material, if it is delivered to our plant and the grade of the HDPE. Rainbow Plastic will assess any material by looking at photos and inspecting the material directly to assess the value.